Saturday, March 13, 2010

to be brave need da courage to be strong...

when ur actually down..wut u actually.?? a friend?? a heart?? a shoulder 2 cry on??
who all depends on tht person...
when ur heart is screaming inside..when tears is invisble..when pain is just a relative word...

remember there is a greater force.. ALLAH..

when u put ur hand n devoted just to HIM anything is possible n nothing is imposibble...
a heart which created by HIM is full of mystery..

to fogive,,,to forget...or even when eveything happen to us have it own feeling its own effect on us..internally..even it can be seen..but it still there..

when ur angry,,u will forget for a while who n whom..buat when ur calm n come back to ur senses u will recall who n which..but is it fair just to forget?? is it fair just 2 leave?? when leaving something hanging..question pop in every conner..n just 2 leave it it all fair?? 
to satisfy ur own little devil or just to statisfy da tiny evil thought which minggle in ur head,,,

can a person live life alone?? is that person crazy or just someone who is afraid to be known..who is us to make bout da people who left behind..why r there being ignored?? there must be a reason..but is that reason logic? or just a made up stories..

after reading a book..after dealing with a harsh situation..this all this question came out,.this is all unfair..or there just so to happen..eveyone have their own way of interpreting eveything..but for once try to think far for ur action..recall all da steps u ever it hurting anyone..hve u ever misjudge??
mistake...hmm no one ever escaped from it..n eveyone is always sorry for something..for eveything,,

but da question is...can u be strong n brave forgive?? to forget?? to analyse ur action?? or just to wonder wut all of ur action

be happy when u r being truthfull in ur life..
be cheerful when ur be a forgiving person
be smilling when u hve friends
be calm when u have problem..
be free when u neva judge -vly

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